Cache (WP Rocket)

Cache (WP Rocket)


This guide is for WP installs. We use WPE (Varnish) + WP Rocket

WP Rocket

Use seperate cache if mobile specific layouts or functions (wp_is_mobile etc)

File Optimization: check all minifications + combine + deferred
Excluded Inline JavaScript: recaptcha
Excluded JavaScript Files: ionicons.js
LazyLoad (add smooth css transition if not using Client Boilerplate theme)
WebP compatibility (use Optimus on AWS, WPE Imagify)
WPE + Wp-Rocket + webP

Allow sitemap based preloading (Yoast)
Optional: Fonts to preload: add custom heading font woff2

Advanced Rules: Required for Woocommerce (more in github)

CDN add from
Add CDN address to WP Rocket settings

Addons: Check - Improve browser caching for Google Analytics

Test all js functionalities on the website after cache setup (exclude js if need to) + ping to our #testing channel in Slack


Enable object caching from

Woocommerce / Member plugins etc.

Pages like cart, checkout, forgot-password, login should be excluded from both WPE caches and WP-Rocket and TESTED